Pediatrics Program Overview

Educational Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment that will promote the development of excellent pediatricians prepared for independent practice in a medical world that is in constant evolution.


Educational Aims

Our residents will be ensured an educational program that is taught by faculty dedicated to resident education using patient care based teaching and a structured didactic curriculum.


Our program will facilitate learning and assist our residents in acquiring the information and skills they need to become proficient pediatricians who are capable of optimizing the care of children in either general or subspecialty practice.


Our graduates will be advocates for children, practice with the highest ethical standards, provide excellent medical care and be committed to life-long learning.


Experimental X+Y Resident Schedule (AIRE Study)

The Program began its participation in cohort 2 of the ACGME-approved AIRE Study Pilot in July 2019.  The residency program consists of 36 months of training, In general, each 4-week block has three consecutive weeks of focused rotational education, followed by one week of ambulatory obligations. This unique schedule allows the resident full emersion in the rotation without the distraction of continuity clinic or other non-clinical obligations, limits the number of handovers and has already shown improved resident wellness.


During the PGY1 year the foundational rotations occur and are the same for all residents. In the PGY2 and 3 years, the curriculum varies depending on the future career path of the resident.



Intern Bootcamp (1 week rotations of Inpatient, Nursery and Night float)

Nursery 1 block

Inpatient  4 blocks

Inpatient Night Float 1 block

NICU  1 block

ED  1 block

Heme/Onc 1 block

Community/advocacy 1 block

Subspecialty 2 blocks (pulmonary, gastroenterology, neurology, endocrinology, infectious disease)



PICU 2 blocks

PICU Night Float 1 block

NICU 1 block

Inpatient 3 blocks

ED 1 block

Adolescent 1.5 blocks

Developmental pediatrics 1.5 blocks

Subspecialty/individualized 2 blocks (selection based on career track)



Inpatient 3 blocks

Inpatient Night Float 2 blocks

ED 1 block

Heme/Onc 1 block

Nursery 1 block

Subspecialty/individualized 5 blocks (This may include more critical care rotations, creative rotations,   repeat of a subspecialty month at an advanced level or other experiences designed to prepare you for your future career) 


Salary & Benefits





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