Radiology Department


Justin Calvert, MD,  Instructor, Department of Radiology
Chief, Erlanger Department of adiology 


Departmental Phone:  (423) 778-7371


The Erlanger Department of Radiology provides a wide range of diagnostic tests, including magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, nuclear radiology, sonography, angiography, and interventional radiology.  These procedures are requested in the manner that other orders are written in the patient's chart.


The full services of the Department of Radiology are readily available for your patients.  Special studies requested on weekends should be accompanied by a specific phone call to the radiologist covering that area, as routine studies are not performed on Saturday in angiography.  Emergency procedures after hours can be initiated by calling Emergency Radiology at #7456.


Films are filed using a terminal digit system, based on the patient's medical record number.  Panoramic scopes are located in the back of the Department of Radiology for ICU and other patient films.


Updated 12/2019

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