SPE3-3001/F Medicine Specialty Clerkship - CHATT


Course Coordinator:  Dr. Gary Malakoff

Course Contact: Joyce Poke Joyce.Poke@erlanger.org  (423-778-6670)

Approval Authorization Required: no

Location: Erlanger Health Systems

Orientation Location: Department of Internal Medicine, 2nd Floor, Whitehall Bldg., 960 East 3rd Street

Size: 2 students

Overnight call: none

Weekend work: none


·         Half Block: Not Negotiable

·         Time off for interviews: negotiable 30 days prior to start of elective

·         Off cycle start and stop: not negotiable

Deadline for Cancelation: Thirty days before the start of clerkship

Blocks offered:  Blocks 1-11

Prerequisites:  Core Internal Medicine Clerkship

Pre-reading: any medicine text

Link: None


This is a face to face clinical rotation offered in the fall and spring and receiving 7 credit hours.



This rotation provides a variety of specialty exposure to some of the following areas:  Hematology, Neurology, Pulmonology, Infectious Diseases, Gastroenterology, Rheumatology, Palliative Care medicine (one week each). Grading is given on a Pass/Fail basis.


Revised 1/2017

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