Cost of Living Comparison

In recent years, Chattanooga has been recognized by numerous publications as one of the most desirable cities of its size in the United States.  In addition to its scenic beauty, historic charm and bustling downtown riverfront, Chattanooga also offers an extremely competitive cost of living.  The following cost of living data were obtained from



Cost of Living in the city to the left as compared to living in Chattanooga, TN

Birmingham, AL

1.1% higher

Mobile, AL

0.7% higher

Montgomery, AL

4.9% higher

Tuscaloosa, AL

7.4% higher

Little Rock, AR

3.3% higher

Gainesville, FL

7.1% higher

Jacksonville, FL

5.1% higher

Miami, FL

12.6% higher

Orlando, FL

12.0% higher

Tampa, FL

8.2% higher

Atlanta, GA

13.8% higher

Augusta, GA

0.8% higher

Macon, GA

2.1% higher

Savannah, GA

7.6% higher

Chicago, IL

16.4% higher

Springfield, IL

4.4% higher

Louisville, KY

3.6% higher

Lexington, KY

8.0% higher

Baton Rouge, LA

7.0% higher

Lafayette, LA

6.1% higher

New Orleans, LA

3.6% higher

Shreveport, LA

1.5% higher

Boston, MA

31.9% higher

Baltimore, MD

4.9% higher

Jackson, MS

1.4% lower

Charlotte, NC

12.5% higher

Fayetteville, NC

6.7% higher

Greensboro, NC

8.1% higher

Raleigh-Durham, NC

18.0% higher

Wilmington, NC

10.4% higher

New York, NY

52.4% higher

Buffalo, NY

10.9% higher

Charleston, SC

9.7% higher

Columbia, SC

5.9% higher

Greenville, SC

8.7% higher

Kingsport, TN

0.9% lower

Knoxville, TN

0.0% higher

Memphis, TN

3.5% higher

Nashville, TN

4.0% higher

Dallas, TX

11.1% higher

Galveston, TX

3.8% higher

San Antonio, TX

2.5% higher

Los Angeles, CA

32.4% higher

Norfolk, VA

6.1% higher

Richmond, VA

11.6% higher

Roanoke, VA

4.2% higher

Seattle, WA

28.2% higher

Charleston, WV

3.5% higher

Huntington, WV

10.2% higher

Washington, DC

26.2% higher

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