QIPS Day 2020 Schedule


Quality Improvement/Patient Safety Day Presentations

May 29, 2020:  8 AM - Noon for Presentations
Awards will be announced at 1 PM 

Probasco Auditorium and Zoom

The Meeting Invitations and Zoom Instructions have been emailed to All Residents, Fellows, Faculty, Staff, Quality Leaders,  Erlanger Quality Oversight Members, Erlanger Leaders, and Erlanger Board Members


Time Order Presenter  Project Name Program
8:00 AM
Welcome by Dr. Robert Fore, Associate Dean and DIO
8:05 AM 1 Dr. William Gaylord  Improving Port Access in Pediatric Oncology
 Pediatrics Residency
8:25 AM 2 Dr. John Pickering  Intraoperative Parathyroid Hormone Lab
 Surgery Residency
8:45 AM 3 Dr. Amanda Debuhr-Mansouri  Implementation of the AAP/Bright Futures Oral
 Health Risk Assessment in the General Pediatrics
 Pediatrics Residency
9:05 AM 4 Dr. Meredith Stroud  Gun Violence Education  Pediatrics Residency
9:25 AM 5 Dr. Srirupa Hari Gopal  Reducing Unplanned Extubations in the Neonatal
 Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
 Pediatrics Residency
9:45 Break      
9:55 AM 6 Dr. Stephanie Mueller and Dr. Jeremiah Arnold  Gender Identity in EMR and Faculty/ Resident
 Pediatrics Residency
10:15 AM 7 Dr. Sarah Rodriguez-Sawao  Improvement  in Behavioral Health Care 
 Management in General Pediatrics 
 Pediatrics Residency
10:35 AM 8 Dr. Michael Palmieri  Quality Improvement for Adolescent Health Care  Pediatrics Residency
10:55 AM 9 Dr. Luke Boone  Improved Feeding Habits in Patients with Cleft
 Lip and/or Palate Using an Institution-Wide
 Feeding Education Program
 Plastic Surgery
11:15 AM 10 Dr. Matthew Watson  Decreasing the Prospect of Upper Extremity 
 Neuropraxia During Robotic Assisted
 Laparoscopic Prostatectomy:  A Novel Technique
 Urology Residency
11:35 AM 11 Dr. Lindsey Gordon  Improvement in Pediatric Hypertension Diagnosis
 and Management
 Pediatrics Residency
11:50 AM      Begin Deliberation  
1:00 PM      Awards Announced via Zoom  


  • Due to social distancing guidelines, no more than 30 individuals may be in Probasco Auditorium at one time.
  • Presenters will be live in Probasco and seated in marked seats.
  • Judges will be present in Probasco in marked seats.
  • Mentors for projects may be in Probasco in marked seats up to the limit of 30 total people.
  • Social distancing must be observed by any individuals attending in Probasco, and masks must be worn in the Auditorium
  • Other Residents, Fellows, Faculty, and Staff can join the presentations via Zoom.
  • Zoom attendees should keep their computer microphones muted unless asking a questions at the end of the presentation.
  • Zoom attendees are asked to enter their names in the Zoom Chat function to let us know who has joined the session.

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