The following UT GME Policy on Resident Supervision has been approved by the Dean of the College of Medicine Chattanooga, the Associate Dean/DIO and our Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC). The policy was developed to promote patient safety and provide educational excellence while maintaining autonomy based on demonstrated educational and procedural competence. The policy is effective in all training sites without regard to patient insurance status or time of day. Residents, Fellows, and Faculty members in training programs under the auspices of ACGME will abide by the supervision and documentation schema as noted below:


400-Resident Supervision 2018 

405-Patient Care Settings Resident Supervision Standards 2018 


By Program:  Click here to access and view Supervision Standards and Procedures by Program.


Alphabetical House Staff ListingClick on the hyperlink in each name below to view that trainee's certifications, PGY level, and procedures he or she may perform under specific levels of supervision):  


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Abubakar, Ibrahim (MD) Haddix, Kevin (MD) Powell, Jonathan (MD) 
Adeyemo, Monsurat "Tayo" (MD) Harrell, Caleb (MD) Quatrino, Gregory Mark (MD)
Ager, Emily Cleveland (MD) Harrell, Kevin (MD) Rampp, Robert (MD)   
Ambrosetti, David Ryan (DO) Harris, W. Taylor (MD) Raynor, Rebecca (MD)
Anglim, Annemarie (DO) Haywood, Steven (MD) Reece, Austin (MD) 
Atherton, Jeffrey Michael (MD) Hicks, Katherine (MD) Rivet, Joshua (MD) 
Baker, Steven (MD) Ho, Chuan XIng (MD) Rooks, Hunter (MD)
Bakker, Blakele Nicole (MD) Hogan, Jessica (MD) Russo, Steven (DO)
Ballay, Nicholas (MD) Huang, Xiangke "Sean" (MD) Saba, Yazan (DO)  
Ban, Byung "Peter" (DO) Huddleston, Mary Kathryn (MD)  Sabri, Shahbaaz Abdul (MD)
Barnes, Laurel A. (MD) Huffstutter, Jessica (MD) Salama, Michael (MD)  
Bauermeister, Adam (MD) Hyde, Glendon "Alan" (MD) Salvaggio, Ashley (MD)
Beard, Jasna (MD) Janjua, Muhammad Faisal Asad (MD) Samuel, Jenifer (MD) 
Beck, Salah "Roxanne" (DO) John, Jeswin (MD) Sawa, Yuri (MD)  
Bell, Christopher M. (MD) John, Scott (MD) Scarbrough, "Erin" (DO) 
Bell, John Philip (MD) Johnson, Cathryn McGill (MD) Scorey, Stephen (DO) 
Blake, Ann (MD, MPH) Jones, Jamie (MD) Scott, Jamie (MD)
Blevins, Miranda (DO) Jonson, Kreg (MD) Scott, Jelaina (MD)
Boaen, Joseph (MD) Jung, Nathan (MD) Scott, Jillian (MD) 
Bode, Ryan (DO) Jurma, Duane (MD) Seethala, Srikanth (MD)
Boyd, Brandon Sidney (MD) Kahloon, Rehan (MD) Shah, Amit (MD)
Boyd, Sarah (MD) Katsuura, Yohishiro (MD) Shah, Vrushali (MD)
Boyechko, Yuri (MD) Keilman, Rachel (MD) Shahid, Muhammad (MD) 
Brenner, Elisabeth "Cydnie" (MD) Keller, John (MD)  Sherwood, Laura (MD) 
Brown, Megan (MD) Kerr, Travis (MD) Shreenath, Aparna (MD) 
Busl, Amanda (MD) Ketron, Lowell (MD)  Smith, Hugh (MD)
Capote, Walter (MD) Keyes, Andrew (MD) Smith, Quentin (MD) 
Carter, Amanda (MD) Kim, Jordan (MD) Snyder, Logan (MD)
Cherian, Christie (MD) Kinser, Stephen (MD) Soder, Brent (MD)
Cooke, Alexandria (MD) Kluemper, Chase (MD)   Soderstrom, Dresden (MD) 
Conway, Sarah (MD) Koestner, Tyler (MD)   Spiegel, Joshua (MD, MPH)
Couch, Luke (MD) Leath, Brad (MD)   Steffen, Caleb (MD)
Cox, Hannah (MD) Lee, William (MD) Stevens, Timothy (MD)
Crockett, David (MD) Lindsay, Faith (MD) Stone, Jarle (MD)
Davis, Franklin Brent (MD) Lloyd, Jacob (MD)   Stroud, Meredith (DO)
Day, Kristopher (MD) Lolay, Georges (MD)  Tanner, Richard (MD)
Domingo, Fernando (MD) Lynch, Erica (MD)   Tashakkorinia, Naimeh (MD)
Doyle McClam, Megan (MD) Major, John "Woody" (MD)  Tasker, Nicole (MD)
Dunlap, Burton Dennard, MD Mart, Ryan (MD) Tedder, Case (MD)
Dyess, Ryan (MD) Martin, Rebecca (MD) Tkachenko, Igor (MD)
Epps, Mathew (MD) Mashak, Zineb (MD)  Truban, Claire (MD)
Escribano, Johan Emanuel (MD) Massoud, Moustafa (MD)  Trusau, Aliaksandr (MD) 
Etchells, Christopher (MD) Maxfield, Luke (DO) Varela Windemuller, Ana (MD)
Facciolo, Michael (MD) May, Lawrence "Andrew (MD)   Verma, Ashish (MD)
Fedusenko, Ashley (MD) McConnell, Grayson (MD)   Voskuil, Ryan (MD)
Fish, Claire (DO) McKenzie, Brittany (MD)    Vukin, Joseph (MD)
Fletcher, Jacob (MD) Mendoza, Andrew (MD)   Walker, Wilson Tyler (MD)
Fogleman, Jason (MD) Merino, Timothy (MD)   Walsh, Brittany (MD)
Forrest, Sean (MD) Morin, Oliva (MD)   Ward, Tyler Andrew (MD)
Foutch, Jordan (MD) Morris, Jonathan "Brent" (MD)   Watson, Matthew (DO)
Fox-Bergvin, Lauren (DO) Murphy, Sharif (MD)    Webster, Nicholas "Cole" (MD)
Fraser, Tyler (MD) Nagy, Elissa (DO)     Welborn, Benjamin (MD)
Fung, Russell (MD) Newcomer, Scott (DO)  Whitehead, Jack (MD)
Gardner, Margaret (MD) Nokkaew, May (MD)   Wilks, Gavin (MD) 
Garrett, W. Hunter (MD) Onley, Jared (MD)   Wingerter, Kelly (MD)
Gates, Nadine (MD) Parker, Loretta (DO)  Zachry, Veronica Patterson (MD)
Gaylord, William (MD) Patel, Suraj (MD)    Zoog, Evon (MD)
Ghalib, Sana (MD) Patel, Suril (MD)    
Goldstein, .Ryan (MD) Peeler, Elizabeth Bernard (DO)    
Gonzalez, Lourdes (MD)  Peeler, William (MD)  
Greer, Stephen (MD) Plant, Parker (DO)     
Groves, Cynthia (MD) Poudyal, Dinesh (MD)    



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