Maternal Fetal Medicine

Section on Maternal Fetal Medicine


The section is under the direction of Professor David Adair, MD, MBA and is composed of 10 members, Joseph Kipikasa, MD, Associate Professor, Carlos Torres, MD Assistant Professor, Sunanda Sunadandan DO, MBA, Assistant Professor, Angela Hawk, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Tripp Nelson, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Kyle Gonzales, DO, Clinical Assistant Professor, Roger Young, MD, PhD, Clinical Professor, Sean Richards, PhD, Clinical Professor, and Steven Symes, PhD, Clinical Professor. The section also houses four Advanced Practice Providers, Josie Compton, MSN, FNP-C, Virginia "Ginny" Barnhart, MSN, FNP-C, Stephanie Sessions, MSN, FNP-C, and Lorrie Mason, NNP who also heads our obstetrical research. Counseling services include one Certified Genetic and two certified Diabetic Counselors with Janet Ulm, MSSW, CGC, Lea Reagan, MS, RD, CDE, and Felicia Boyer, RD respectively. To meet the psychosocial needs of our complex patient population we have Theresa "Terri" Rieth, PhD providing services.


The section maintains a robust research endeavor that includes investigator initiated, industry supported, and grant supported efforts. They include both limited basic and fully integrated clinical trials; all efforts are welcoming to residents for participation. The division has sponsored five residents seeking MFM fellowship endeavors. The division is heavily involved in formal and informal didactics, morning report, grand rounds, and weekly Friday block time. We provide direct teaching of ultrasound along with computer sonographic simulation based learning. The combined efforts of the division have culminated in numerous teaching awards and regularly are found at regional, state, national, and international stages for continued medical education events.


Research interests currently include heavy metal assays, enzymatic, metabolomics, and proteomics of low birth weight placentae. This effort resulted in the first NIEHS grant award DHHS/HRSA # 1H1SMC10654-01-00 to investigate basic and clinical science correlations. The division is active in preeclampsia and obstetrical hemorrhage clinical research as well uterine physiology during preterm and term labor. There are numerous other efforts in which to be involved as a resident. To further bolster academic curiosity our members serve regularly as peer reviewers, original research contributors, and produce book chapters.

Clinically the team has developed and led the noted Solutions To Obstetrics in Rural Communities (STORC). To date the program has hosted over 50,000 visits and serves rural communities in 15 sites, including Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina. The program has resulted in improved perinatal and maternal outcomes, moreover has saved over $ 6 million dollars in direct costs to patients due to remote accessibility. All counseling services are part of the offering for our patient partners.


Our hospital is the only Level 4 Maternity center in southeast Tennessee, housing over 3,000 deliveries high-risk deliveries at the main campus and another 2800 at the East campus, 11 miles away. The resident receives first hand patient care exposure and is provided under faculty supervision and teaching with supplemented obstetrical simulation. It also houses the region's only Level 4 NICU, with highly skilled pediatric surgeons and a full complement of pediatric subspecialists who assist in providing fetal care board patients with the best plans for their child.


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