OB/GYN Faculty Research Interests


UTCOM Chattanooga

Department of OB/GYN Research

Current Projects

  • Cross Sectional View of Attitudes Toward Adolescent Visits to Gynecologist:   Parents, Adolescents, and Providers - Dassow, Stokes, & Peds
  • Evaluation of cough as a distraction ot improve pain during in-office gynecological procedures - Cook, Akinlaja, Gist
  • A Cross-sectional Collection of Samples from Pregnant Women for the Evaluation of Pre-eclampsia Biomarkers - Lam
  • Retrospective analysis on Hysterectomies TAH vs RLAH with or without Mini-lap (aka Harry Potter Study part 1) - Mashak, Radtke, Mohling, DePasquale, Boren, Eliason, Nokkaew, Gist, Akinlaja, Elkattah
  • Registry for analysis on Hystectomies (continuation of above project, aka Harry Potter part 2) - Radtke, Mohling, Boren, DePasquale, Mashak, Nokkaew, Bakker, Gist, Akinlaja, Eliason, Elkattah, Beck, Boyd
  • Sensitivity Analysis of Two Rapid Test Strips Based on PAMG-1 & IGFBP-1AFP for Amniotic Fluid Detection (aka PPROM) - Bossert, Tannous, Lam, Jonson, Lynch
  • Evaluation of the C/S Rate at a Tertiary Care Center in Relation to the Zhang Labor Curve - Jonson, Stokes, Beck, Lam
  • Evaluation of the Overall Cost of an Admission for Patients Admitted to Rule out Pre-E - Beck, Stokes, Jonson, Lam
  • Intestinal Permeability in patients with Endometriosis - Radtke, Mohling, Furr, Jonson
  • TAP 2- Mohling, Radtke, Boren, DePasquale
  • Cold Therapy for Pain Control Following C/S at Erlanger (aka Alkantis) - Gist, Akinlaja, Jonson, Tannous
  • Compass Grant with FNP Students from UTC - Akinlaja, Dassow
  • PCOS & the Counseling Approach - Dassow, Woods, Cook
  • AbbVie-Endometriosis Study - Akinlaja, Gist
  • GSK-Adenomyosis Study - Gist
  • Prenatal Diagnosis Using Fetal Cells-Proof of Concept - Lam
  • Traxis - Gist, Lam
  • Evaluating a Sleep positioning device in pregnant women - Lam, Branch, Lynch



  • Compliance with the use of Ring Block Anesthesia pre-circumcision in a tertiary care center - Akinlaja, Beck, Raper, Josephsen
  • Incidental finding of Persistent Hydatidiform Mole in an adolescent on Depo-Provera - Akinlaja, McKendrick, Mashak, Nokkaew
  • Outcomes after mini-laparotomy for tissue extraction in laparoscopic hysterectomies - Radtke, Mohling, DePasquale, Boren, Elkattah, Holcombe


  • Vaginal Extraction Index:   A predictive model for vaginal extraction of specimens during laparoscopic hysterectomy - Mohling, Elkattah, Holcombe, DePasquale, Boren

2016 IHI Proposals

  • The development of an Emergency GYN Kit and the Impact on Patient Care - Blevins, Stokes, Mohling, Akinlaja, Bosworth
  • Improving Consistency of Patient Care of UT OBGyn Patients at Primary Delivering Hospital Through Patient Education - Stokes, Leath, Branch, Gist
  • The Evaluation and Improvement of Physician Surgical Cards - Blevins, Stokes, Mohling, Akinlaja
  • Evaluation of Compliance with Post partum gestational Diabetes Management in UT OBGyn Resident Clinic - Leath, Stokes, Branch, Akinlaja, Lynch

Important Dates

  • Annual Resident Research Day - Friday 5/26/2017
  • Annual PSQI Day - Friday 5/12/2017
  • IRB Submission deadline:

                       1/4/2017 for 1/25/2017 meeting

                       2/1/2017 for 2/22/2017 meeting

                       3/1/2017 for 3/22/2017 meeting


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